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This advanced software requires 2 types of hosting: a regular web hosting plan for the regular website features and a rtmp plan (usually on a different special server) for video streaming.

RTMP Platform Benefits
This videochat application uses rtmp (Flash Media Interactive Server or Red5) to provide 100% web based video chat high quality streaming, meaning:
+ access to videochat is instant directly on the website pages
+ the users don't have to download any other video streaming software or rely on often-incompatible Java-based systems for using the video chat
+ users don't need a routable IP anymore, and neither to have the firewall down
+ the quality of the video and audio is highly increased compared to alternative java platforms


Datetopia Managed FMIS Plans

Some plans are only available with certain investment plans for Datetopia products.

7GB 15GB
Maximum simultaneous connections*
max. 100
Maximum streaming bandwidth* max. 1.5mb/s
Monthly Bandwidth Allowance ** 3Gb 5Gb 6Gb 7Gb 15Gb 75GB
Video Storage Space 45Mb 75Mb 90Mb 120Mb 300Mb 1.5Gb
Monthly Fee $9.95 $15 $19.95 $21 33$ 75$
+ Some plans are only available with certain products.
+ Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime from billing company.
+ Plans can be provided on servers in US or Europe - please specify your target traffic.

*As these are shared hosting plans, the available resources are shared by all the users connected trough that plan. Usually these plans are used by startup websites with few users as big websites prefer dedicated plans or servers, so most of the resources are available.

** When more is used the account is suspended until the start of next month. Customer has the option to wait until next month, upgrade or cancel and move to another host (see examples below). Customer can also opt for purchasing an extra plan and use that in addition to the current one.

Datetopia managed plans include:

  • Installation of .asc files on FMS server.
  • Update of .asc files on FMS server on software update.
  • Reports of daily bandwidth usage and connections by email. (on request, 1 per month and on reaching bandwidth limits)
  • Option to upgrade to a higher plan when existing plan limits are reached

Premium Managed Red5 Hosting
VideoWhisper offers premium red5 hosting plans, that include both web hosting and rtmp hosting with unlimited connections, dedicated ip and big bandwidth starting from 100 Gb at $35/month.

These plans use Flash Media Interactive Server ( FMIS3), beeing backward compatible with Flash Media Server (FMS2) and Flash Communication ServeR (FCS1.5).

Sample FMIS Providers
If you want to host and manage the FMS hosting yourself, you can evaluate these providers:
- Influxis (California, US) (Servers in: US, Europe)
- Uvault (Florida, US) (Servers in: East Coast US, West Coast US, Europe, Asia)
- MoreMX (Germany, Europe)


Do I need RTMP hosting if I have my own dedicated web server or vps?
Unless you install Red5 or FMIS on your server, rtmp hosting is required from a rtmp hosting provider, for the video streaming and interactivity, in addition to the regular web hosting.
Red5 is a free open source server and if your run your own vps or dedicated server, VideoWhisper can provide red5 installation.

When do I need 10 simultaneous connections?
10 simultaneous connections, means that 10 users must be logged in the same time in the chat enviroment. If your websites has 1000 unique visitors per day and each spends an average of 10 minutes in the chat enviroment (average as some will not enter, some will stay more), about 7 users will be simultaneous online as average.
24 x 6 tens of minutes = 144 tens of minutes per day. 1000/144 = about 7 users average will be simultaneous online for 1000 unique visitors per day.

What happens when the account goes over the allowed monthly quota ?
The account is disabled until the plan is upgraded or the month ends. @2006 by Datetopia Dating Scripts and Software  . All rights reserved.   




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